Special Projects

FEIH’s Special Projects

FEIH is so grateful for our volunteers in Honduras the communities of our schools. When hard times fell upon members of our FEIH community, we stepped in to do all we could for those in need. Recently, FEIH has taken on some special projects to provide pandemic and hurricane relief to our families in rural areas. In order to continue our mission of providing a quality education to the children of rural Honduras, we felt we needed to support the communities that helped us make the construction of our schools a possibility. 

2020 brought with it daunting challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic, two hurricanes and mass floods ravaged FEIH’s already struggling communities.  Faced with new challenges and dangers, FEIH rose to the occasion.  We launched two emergency campaigns—Feeding FEIH and Hurricane Eta & Iota Relief Fund—to provide food, medical supplies and relief efforts to our FEIH families in need. 

Hurricane Eta & Iota Relief Project

Feeding FEIH