From November 4th through November 19th, Honduras was hit with two major hurricanes—Eta and Iota—which affected 7 of our 13 FEIH  communities. Our team, both in Honduras and the US, quickly executed a relief Project to provide rescue and relief efforts to evacuate our students and their families to shelters. Honduran authorities, including the Armed Forces and Air Force, along with civilians, delivered food and supplies to these displaced communities and continue to rescue people from the rooftops of their flooded homes. Three of our FEIH schools—Santiago Morales, Santiago Guillermo Bardales, and Monterrey Breck—were completely flooded and inaccessible. By partnering with local NGOs and volunteers, we raised funds and collected supplies, helping more than 6,000 people in FEIH communities.

Two of our schools—Adrian Mejia and Debbie Kakanas—were used to shelter over 5,000 displaced FEIH families. FEIH was able to provide these families with food and water, as well as medicine, clothing. FEIH Board Members and volunteers continued to help Honduran authorities with rescue and relief efforts. Many of our FEIH families were stranded in fields with no little to no shelter. Many families were evacuated and rescued and brought to shelters including an airplane hangar where they were given a hot meal and water and provided medical treatment as needed. We are doing all we can to help our FEIH families to reestablish their lives.


Your donations have saved lives and communities and we are incredibly grateful for your generosity.


The Honduran Air Force recognized FEIH and its volunteers for their incredible efforts during the aftermath of Hurricanes Eta and Iota. We were able to provide over 6,000 people with food, water, shelter, and medical attention. Our team of volunteers went above and beyond to help our FEIH families find safety and start to rebuild their lives in these hard-hit communities. We are so thankful to have partnered with the Honduran Air Force and other organizations to provide these relief efforts.